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As seasoned content writers based in Australia, we wield the power of using our words to your advantage. We are native English speakers not just adept at delivering well-crafted, grammatically sound content that is engaging and adds value, but we’re committed to punctuality, ensuring on-time delivery, every time.

Jenna Cook

Jenna is the founder of Monday & Co. who decided to take a leap of faith in pursuing writing full-time after leaving her financial services career. Located in Tasmania, she loves reading, horror movies, and Dr. Pepper. When it comes to conversations about dogs, she's all ears.

Charlie Cook

Charlie is the primary cheerleader and motivational expert here at Monday & Co. He is highly motivated by chicken and ear scratches, and likes to nap in his coworkers' chairs.

Frankie Cook

Frankie handles all human resources matters and is also the apprentice cheerleader. Her favourite things are tummy rubs, sunbathing, and taking advantage of unattended cuisine.