Hiring a Freelance Writer

5 Simple Steps to Hiring a Freelance Writer from Monday & Co.

At Monday & Co., we simplify the process of hiring a freelance writer to a five-step journey, ensuring you receive exceptional, tailored content with ease. Here’s how you can effortlessly bring your project to life with our skilled freelance writers:

1. Choose your deadline and add-ons

When you find one of one of our freelance writing services that speaks to you, nominate your ideal delivery timeframe. For most services, you will have the option of 7 days to 24 hours. At this point you can apply any add-ons where applicable.

For instance, if you're looking for resume writing services, you should know that we don't stop at CV creation; we also know how to write a cover letter that opens doors. In addition, we'd love to be your LinkedIn profile writers of choice. Once you have your order ready to go, proceed to the cart.

Hint: If you'd like to see some samples of our writing, please browse our portfolio.

2. Make payment and submit your requirements

The next step in hiring a freelance writer is to complete the checkout process as you would for any online store. You'll then be greeted by a pop-up form asking you to submit your requirements. This is your opportunity to let us know what you want to achieve from the project by leaving notes for us and attaching any relevant files.

3. Your order will be confirmed by our team

You will receive an automated order confirmation immediately, and your writer will also reach out to you as soon as possible to confirm the project is underway. At this time, they will request any extra information from you.

4. You will receive your high quality project

Here's the most exciting part of hiring a freelance writer; your work is delivered on or before the deadline day, straight to your email inbox. From this time, you will have seven days to request any edits to ensure it is perfect for you.

5. You will be invited to share your thoughts

If you've never operated a small business, you may not understand just how valuable reviews are. In the days following completion of your order, you will receive an automated invite to review Monday & Co. It means the world to us when clients take the time out of their day to share their thoughts because it helps us reach other people.

So, there you have it - hiring a freelance writer from Monday & Co. is a breeze. We’re committed to making this experience straightforward and rewarding, as we deliver content that takes your personal or professional brand to the next level. Your next project is just a few clicks away; so what are you waiting for?

 Hiring a Freelance Writer