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True Crime Podcasts: The New Era of Murder Mystery Entertainment

True crime has always been a fascinating genre, captivating audiences with tales of murder, mystery, and mayhem. With the rise of podcasting, this genre has taken on a new life, reaching even wider audiences and providing a fresh perspective on some of the world's most notorious crimes.

In this blog, we'll explore the phenomenon of true crime podcasts and why they have become such a staple in modern-day entertainment. And, we explore where you can find a freelance podcast writer to hook your target audience.

The Growth of Podcasting

Podcasting has come a long way since its inception in the early 2000s. With the advent of smartphones and other mobile devices, it's easier than ever to listen to a podcast on the go.

The medium has grown rapidly in recent years, with millions of people tuning in every day to listen to their favourite shows. This growth has been especially pronounced in the true crime genre, where podcasts have become the go-to source for murder mystery enthusiasts.

The Appeal of True Crime

The appeal of true crime is easy to understand. People are naturally curious about the darker side of human nature and the motivations behind horrific acts of violence. The genre provides a window into the mind of a criminal and offers insights into the criminal justice system and the impact of crime on society. 

This fascination is nothing new; it's been around for centuries, from the famous Jack the Ripper murders in the late 19th century to the recent popularity of shows like Mindhunter and Criminal Minds (a personal fave here at Monday & Co HQ).

The Rise of True Crime Podcasts

True crime podcasts have been around for over a decade, but they really took off in 2014 with the release of Serial, a podcast that investigated the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee. Serial became a cultural phenomenon, reaching millions of listeners and reigniting interest in true crime.

Since then, the genre has exploded, with new podcasts being launched every week. From My Favourite Murder to Casefile, there's no shortage of true crime content for listeners to enjoy.

Why True Crime Podcasts are Popular

So why have true crime podcasts become so popular? There are several reasons:


Podcasts are easy to access and listen to. All you need is a smartphone or computer, and you can listen to your favourite shows whenever and wherever you want.


Podcasts are more engaging than other forms of media, as listeners are able to actively participate in the storytelling experience.

By writing engaging, edge-of-your-seat scripts based on real events, either solo or with the help of a freelance podcast writer, the best true crime podcasts keep their audience wanting more.


Many true crime podcasts are hosted by journalists, detectives, or experts in the field, lending a level of authenticity to the stories being told.


Podcasts are often recorded in a conversational style, giving listeners the feeling that they're in the room with the host. This intimacy makes the stories even more captivating.

In-depth storytelling

Podcasts offer the opportunity to delve deep into a story, providing a level of detail and nuance that other forms of media can't match. With exceptional creative writing skills, or with the help of a skilled freelance podcast writer, the best true crime podcasts keep people coming back time and time again.

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The Future of True Crime Podcasts

The future of true crime podcasts looks bright. As the medium continues to grow, so too will the number of true crime shows. With the popularity of true crime at an all-time high, it's likely that we'll see an even greater variety of shows in the coming years. 

Whether you're a seasoned true crime veteran or a newcomer to the genre, there's no doubt that true crime podcasts are here to stay.

If you're considering taking advantage of the rising popularity within the true crime genre by launching your own project, why not partner with a skilled freelance podcast writer?

Need a freelance podcast writer for your own true crime project?

True crime podcasts have become a staple in modern-day entertainment, providing a fresh perspective on some of the world's most notorious crimes. Whether it be their accessibility, engagement or authenticity, we as a society just can’t get enough of them. As huge true crime fans, and freelance podcast writers, we are right there with you.

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